“Discover How You Can Increase Your Business Profits
By 25-100% In The Next 90 Days”

Without spending more money on advertising 

“I consider myself to be a very astute businessman and marketer. It’s very difficult to take anyone’s suggestions, especially when I’m doing over $30,000 per month from my basement. But, I was convinced to try a small change in my marketing. By making one little adjustment in our sales process, we went from $36,000 per month to over $68,000 the next month. Wow”

Dr. Samuel West
International Academy of Lymphlogy


Hi, I’m Daniel Barrera, Business Growth Strategist here at Creative Marketing Consulting.

We know that building a Thriving Business on this unstable economy does not just happen by itself… and that attracting better quality clients and standing out from the hungry competition is the biggest challenge of every business owner and marketing directors face these days.

You’ve most likely ended up frustrated, embarrassed,  and scared of wasting more time, money and energy in advertising your business – as it seems that you’ve tried everything there is to try… a new website, new TV AD, Yellow Pages, Groupons, Newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Videos, Radio, and the list goes on and on.

That frustration is the exact reason why I decided to start helping businesses like yours. You’ve been taken advantage time and time again. You’ve invested your life working hard in your business, trying to make things better and sometimes have very little to show for. Yet, you continue to push forward and know (deep inside) there’s a better way to grow and make more money from your business.

So, I’ve put together some of my best and proven business growth advice which dozens of other businesses have applied in their business to get out of the “rut”, stand out from the clutter, attract more quality clients, and take control of their future, including:

  • A simple change in your advertising that can save you money and multiply results.
  • Which 3 marketing activities are most effective – delivering 80% of the results in 20% of the time and effort (most businesses don’t even know about them, giving you an advantage)
  • How to stand out in a sea of “same-ness”.
  • Why more than half of “Prospects” never become a client/customer.

And much, much more!